Chrome on iOS 6: after tests

After the comment I received on my previous post: Chrome on iOS is not really Chrome. I try to investigate and make some tests on the device.

The browser is identified, using different JavaScript libraries you can find on the net, as safari unknown version and in the site reported in the photo as Mozilla/5.0 with a safari WebKit. So, as user comment reported, is not really THE Chrome. But (I like to put a "but" somewhere ;))... What of the real chrome we are losing? The render engine: on iOS devices Chrome uses the safari one. So any HTML page is rendered in the "safari style" and not with the chrome one. But safari is not InternetExplorer, so for me it's ok ;), and is as fast as chrome to load pages (on the same Mac). The JavaScript engine: I think the chrome one is the fastest we can find on the market. So it could be considered a great difference with the original Chrome. But, once again, is this really important on your mobile device? And is the safari engine really bad for you?

For me the great feature having a "fake" chrome on my iOS device, is I can have al my bookmarks and preferences automatically imported. So I can check a thing in the evening and bookmark it to have it ready on my desktop on the next work day. Actually I was using some other tools, but the simple bookmark is the fastest one.

So, yes, is not the Chrome you have on your desktop. But the iOS is a different and mobile device: some functionalities is better than no one! :)

A bad thing is that is not completely integrated on your device: you will always find "Open with Safari" function in any app and you can't change this. Apple decided this, and if you don't like the decision you can buy... an Android phone ;)