The new Ghost Blog base Docker

I'm going ahead working on the slim of the Docker Ghost Blog I created.

I started the project to simplify the manage of my Blog and, for this reason, was keeping all the things I needed. Which is another way to say that it wasn't so "basic" to be used by anyone.

I was happily hurt in seeing that the Docker was pulled plenty of times: 100K+ times (which is the max count for the docker hub... I don't know exactly how many times was downloaded!).

For this reason I removed from this base version all the custom things I'm using in my blog, the Cloudinary storage plugin for example, providing an easy to use Docker for anyone.

How can I start using Ghost?

Quick and easy:

docker pull mmornati/docker-ghostblog:1.8.6
docker run -d -p 2368:2368 -v /opt/blog-data:/ghost-override mmornati/docker-ghostblog:1.8.6

These commands are downloading the 1.8.6 version of the docker and starting it up on the 2368 port and using the /opt/blog-data folder as blog content folder.

Into the github README file I put some other parameter: I used them to make an automatic link to the Docker nginx-proxy. It is automatically exposing through the ports 80 and 443 all other web dockers using some environment variables.